Frequently Asked Question

APCON Background

The adoption in January 1998 by the National Council of Minister of a board National Mass Communication Policy was a significant milestone in the birth of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria. Various discussions which followed articulated the relevance and leadership role of advertising in the nation?s social, political and economic activities as well as the need for recognition and regulation.

The Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON), established by act 55 of 1988, was a logical outcome of the above and accords legislative recognition to advertising as a profession in Nigeria.

The APCON Professional Diploma in Advertising is a qualifying certificate for registration into the advertising profession. The basic qualification for enrolment into the programme is a bachelor?s degree or the Higher National Diploma in any Discipline.

Candidate who holds degree or HND in Marketing, Mass Communication and Graphic Arts would be exempted from some of the courses on individual Merit.

The Examinations are conducted twice in a year: June and November.

Candidates may avail themselves of preparatory lectures offered at various approved study Centre.