Frequently Asked Question

Registration as an AD Practitioner


To be a fellow, the applicant must have fulfilled the conditions for associate and full membership. In addition, he or she must have been in continuous active advertising practice in the 15 years preceding the date of his or her application, and must show evidence of significant contributions to the practice of advertising.

Full Member

Anyone who has met the requirements for associate membership and in addition has been in continuous advertising practice for a minimum of 5 years.

Associate Member

Anyone above the age of 21, who possesses any of the degrees or diploma listed under the student category, and is employed in a recognized organization where he or she can acquire professional experience. He or she must be or good character and must not have been convicted in Nigeria or elsewhere of a criminal offence.

Student Member

Anyone who satisfies the Council that he or she is undergoing a course of studies recognized by the Council and leading to the award of:

  • APCON Diploma/Professional Certificate
  • CAM or BEEC Diploma in Advertising
  • Degree/HND in Marketing, Mass Communication, Graphic Arts or Advertising
  • NIJ PGD Advertising