Pan African Media Research Organisation (PAMRO) Conference

The Pan African Research Organisation, Pamro, is the creation of a forum for industry organisations, media research providers, media owners, marketers, and advertising agencies in different African countries to exchange knowledge and to learn from one-another’s successes and failures, to ensure the highest quality and to harmonize research methodologies so as to eventually have a continental media research database. The latter will make Africa the leader in the world in providing a research database for the growing number of global media owners, marketers, and agencies. In doing so it aims to maximise innovation and the use of technology.

Pamro’s current main activities are its annual meeting and All Africa Media Research Conference. These events are rotated to different parts of the continent as part of its policy is to ‘bring PAMRO to the People’. It is working on instituting regional chapters that will attend to more regional matters and will also meet more frequently. PAMRO’s 2019 conference with the theme: “Investing in research, investing in brands, investing in Africa” was an impressive turnout and a fun networking session which took place from August 26-28, 2019.