The Committees

1. Statutory Committees

  • Advertising Standards Panel, (ASP) is responsible for setting advertising standards in accordance with provisions of the Code of Advertising Practice. It is mandatory that all advertisements are submitted for pre-exposure vetting and approval of this panel before their exposure in the media. The Panel is composed of 22 members drawn from diverse interests in advertising industry.
  • Advertising Practitioners Investigating Panel (APIP) This panel investigates complaints of professional misconduct brought against practitioners and determines culpability or otherwise, which forms the basis for disciplinary procedures. The members are 5, drawn from the council.
  • Advertising Practitioners Disciplinary Committee (APDC) adjudicates on cases of professional misconducts. Seven members of the council constitute this committee.

2. Non-Statutory Committees

  • Membership Committee (MC) is composed of a chairman, and 7 senior practitioners with responsibility for screening applications for registration as advertising practitioners. The Committee also oversees matters relating to membership of the profession and status upgrading, including maintenance of the register of Advertising Practitioners. A sub-committee of this committee considers and makes recommendations on the selection of Fellows of the profession.
  • Finance Committee (FC) is composed of 6 members and has responsibility for considering and approving the Council's annual budget and subsequent appropriation. It considers staff welfare matters, including promotions.
  • Academic Board (AD) is composed of 6 practitioners and is responsible for moderating the Council's professional examinations and the award of certificates to successful candidates.