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Professional Training

In furtherance of its mandate of manpower and skills development the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria conducts seminars and workshops.

The seminars and workshops are organised in different centres in Nigeria.



2020 Professional Development Programme







Advertising and Marketing for beginners

. Understanding the Role, importance and Relationship of Marketing and Advertising
. The Marketing Mix
. Market segmentation & audience targeting
. Marketing and Communications Planning
. Fundamentals of Marketing & Advertising Research
. Building a successful Career in Marketing Communications.

Lagos: March 18 & 19


Persons engaged in marketing and advertising functions without prior professional/academic background in Advertising/Marketing


Building and Sustaining brand and businesses


. Market opportunity scanning
. Consumer Insight Development
. Product/Service Development
. Winning brand marks
. Effective brand strategy
. Communication Strategy
. Campaign Development and Evaluation
. Building an effective campaign

  • Building the people that build the businesses

Lagos: May 20 & 21


Persons entrusted with managing/growing businesses/brands in a competitive market, including:
- Business Development/Brand managers
-Communication/strategy managers
-Customer relations/Sales Managers


Developing & Executing Communications Campaigns


. Distilling the brief
. The Strategic Roadmap
. Creative strategy & development
. Optimizing media strategy
. Presentation and negotiation skills
. Pre & Post testing of campaigns
. Managing Client-Agency relationships
. Public communications management

Lagos: July 22 & 23


Persons responsible for strategic communication in corporate and public-sector organisations:
- Client Service/Account Managers
-Communication Directors/Managers
-Brand/Product Managers
-Corporate Affairs Advisers/Managers


Advertising regulation: Understanding and playing by the rules (Stakeholders Engagement Programme)

. Comparing advertising regulations across various jurisdictions
. Framework of advertising regulation in Nigeria
. Competitive and comparative
Advertising: What the regulation says
. Analysing and resolving compliance challenges
. Inter-sectoral conflicts and resolution mechanism

Katsina: April 9

Ibadan: May 28

Owerri/Asaba: June 11


Abuja: July 16

Lagos: September 16


Chief Operating/Marketing Communication Managers and other Executives responsible for regulatory compliance and relationship with regulatory agencies in client organisations, media and advertising agencies/consultants.

Recommended also for all practitioners in Advertising/Marketing Communications


Advertising Media Management

. Understanding media planning and buying
. Sources and application of data for media planning
. Interfacing media organisation and planning/buying agencies
. Selling media airtime/space
. Deliverables and credit issues in advertising media management  

Enugu: May 13 &14

Kano/Kaduna: Aug. 19 & 20

Abuja: Oct. 28 & 29

Lagos: November 11 & 12     N80,000

Executives in media organisations responsible for marketing, sales, execution of media orders, credit management, etc as well as executives in media planning and buying agencies, outdoor companies, etc


Effective Brand Management

(Workshop in collaboration with Brandscom Int’l)

Brand development strategy
. Brand vs Products
. Brand propositions
. Brand positioning
. Strategic perspectives of branding
. Trends marketing
. Target audience identification and segmentation
. Communication Strategy

Lagos: March 4-6


-Marketing/Brand Executives in well-structured organisation.
- Business drivers in small and Medium Enterprises


Web Design and Graphics

(Workshop in collaboration with Brandscom Int’l)

. Overview of Web and web development
. Domain registration, hosting and Management
. The WordPress interface
. Brand communication Graphics
. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
. Introduction to Corel Draw


Lagos: March 4-6


-Art directors in Creative agencies/consultancies
-Persons seeking to develop skills for creative and graphic designs
-Designers, in publishing companies, print and broadcast media, etc