Management Team

APCON's day to day operations are performed by a bureaucracy of public servants appointed by the Council. The head of bureaucracy and chief executive officer is the Registrar.

The operations of APCON are organized into four directorates, namely:

♦ Registration, Careers Development Matters and Corporate Licensing
♦ Regulation, Monitoring and Enforcement
♦ Planning, Research and Strategy
♦ Human Resource Management

Our Management team is made up of;

  • Mrs Ijedi Iyoha, rpa - Acting Registrar/CEO.
  • Ms Martha Onyebuchi, rpa - Deputy Director, South-South/South-East Region.
  • Mr Joe-Engene Onuorah, rpa - Deputy Director, Registration, Career Matters & Corporate License.
  • Ralph Anyacho, rpa - Deputy Director, Northern Region.
  • Mrs Emme Akande, rpa - Assistant Director, Regulation, Monitoring & Enforcenment Directorate.
  • Mr Emmanuel Ojo, rpa - Head of Administration/Personnel.
  • Mrs Bola Omolaja - Head of Accounts.
  • Mrs Susan Agbo, rpa - Head, Planning, Research & Strategy.
  • Mr Chukwudi Ezeaba, rpa - Head, Legal.
  • Mrs Rabietu Amana - Internal Auditor.