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This is to announce the introduction of a new syllabus for the Professional Diploma in Advertising (PDA) The syllabus which takes effect in December 2020, replaces the one that has been in use since 2010.

Accordingly, part 1 of the PDA examinations for the November/December 2020 diet will be based on the new syllabus. Candidates previously enrolled in the PDA who will be proceeding to parts 2 and 3 of the examinations will continue to be examined on the former syllabus until May/June 2021 when they are expected to have exited the programme.

The new syllabus provides for five courses in each of the three parts of the programme as hitherto with adjustments in the course titles and contents to reflect contemporary knowledge and skills requirements of the Advertising Profession.

The new syllabus is a product of a painstaking review of the curriculum for the Professional Diploma in Advertising involving inputs and technical reviews by distinguished Advertising practitioners and scholars chaired by Dr. Josef BelMolokwu, former Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of APCON and spanning a period of two years.

Prospective candidates for the Professional Diploma in Advertising (PDA) are requested to acquaint themselves with the new syllabus which is available at APCON offices across Nigeria and provided to the candidates upon their enrolment for the examinations.

The Professional Diploma in Advertising (PDA) is the statutory academic qualification for registration as Advertising Practitioner in Nigeria apart from a Bachelors Degree or Higher National Diploma in Mass Communications, Marketing or Graphic Arts obtained from an APCON accredited department /Institution.

Ijedi Iyoha, (Mrs.) rpa Ag Registrar/Chief Executive.